lördag 20 september 2014


Spring 2013 we started an englishspeaking sewinggroup. We are 12 members in the group. The meaning of starting this group was to train our english because we where going to Birmingham visiting the quiltfestival. Most quiltpatterns is in english so we think it is a good way to learn more. In the group there are two englishteachers. Ingrid is from England and Cindy moved here from Canada. Both this ladies are fantastic teachers and they tell us very amusing stories about the kids in the school. I realy enjoy this evenings once a month and I think it´s going better and better.

For the exhibition in september this year we had a challenge. Each member give a piece of fabric to the other members which messure 15x15 cm (about 6x6"), so we got 12 pieces of fabric to make a quilt messuring 40x40 cm (about 16x16"). We where aloud to put in some other fabrics.

Here are my quilt. The twelve birds symbolize each member in the group. If you visit our exhibition the 26 - 28 of september we show all the quilts there.


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  1. We are having a nice time at our meetings and I'm looking forward to each meeting.//Marion